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Sup everybody, 

Welcome to my art page!

Well, first of all, I should probably admit that I'm not a "real artist". Do I have a degree in painting? Nope. Has my work been exhibited at some fancy gallery or written about in the New York Times? Noooo. Do I even wear cool, artsy clothes and/or live in Brooklyn??? No again!

I'm just a regular guy who likes to paint. An art muggle, if you will. And that's fine!

While I have zero art pedigree, I'm thankful for the joy and calm that painting brings me. I guess my style is impressionistic and often pop-artish (is that a real word? sorry, I don't know all the lingo...). But aside from that, it's really just lighthearted and fun. Oh, and I like to sprinkle in a little spice every now and then to keep things interesting (*cue Salt Bae motion*).

Anyway, I hope my paintings make you smile. I hope they make you feel good. I hope they do for you, what they do for me. 



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